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Attorney Behind Sandy Hook Report Connected to Strange Case of Alleged Ritual Abuse

It turns out that Stephen J. Sedensky III, the prosecutor who authored the recently released report on the attack on Sandy Hook, has been involved in some rather interesting cases.

In February 1987, Sedensky was assigned to prosecute a Norwalk man charged with sexually assaulting a 5-year-old Fairfield boy. During the trial, Sedensky had the victim testify by video, something that was in use in other states, but had never been done in Connecticut. 
Eight years later, Sedensky found himself in the national spotlight for the first time.
Kerri Lynn Patavino, a Trumbull school bus driver and self-proclaimed witch, was accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy more than 50 times.
In what was dubbed "The Bridgeport Witch Trial" by national media, the boy testified that he and Patavino had sex after school four times a week on a bed placed over a large pentagram on the floor of her bedroom. Patavino's lawyer gave daily press conferences on the courthouse steps during the trial to a throng of television and newspaper reporters. 
Associated Press:
During two days of sometimes lurid testimony, the boy said Patavino took him out for pizza in February 1995, then seduced him.
After that, they had sex four times a week for the next four months, until she began to do ``weird things,'' including cutting herself with a razor during sex and forcing him to lick her blood, he said.
When he tried to break off the relationship in June 1995, Patavino cast a spell to make him stay, said the boy, now 16. The boy told his mother, who alerted police. 
The prosecution introduced love letters it said Patavino sent to the boy, some signed in blood. In the letters, she called him ``l.b.'' for little boy. 
Even if the boy was a willing participant in the sex, consent is not a defense in statutory rape cases, Assistant State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky III told jurors. 
About an hour before the verdict came in, Mirsky [Patavino's lawyer]  held a rambling news conference on the steps of the courthouse, where he scoffed at the boy's story that Patavino forced him to stay with her. 
``If I was 15, I would have loved it. I wouldn't complain,'' he said
The daughter, now 10, testified that the boy stuffed potato chips down her pajamas, then rubbed and touched her genital area while he was babysitting one night in June 1995. If she told on him, the boy said he would get her mother in ``big trouble,'' the girl testified.
She was also convicted of third-degree burglary and sixth-degree larceny. Prosecutors said she broke into the boy's home and stole a ring, skateboard, videotapes and other possessions.
Associated Press:

Prosecutor Stephen Sedensky read aloud from letters that police said were decorated with witchcraft symbols and signed in Patavino's blood. 
"I am a witch, I see your aura ... Your spirit is good; use it, use it," read one letter. 

Curiously, the trial of Kerri Lynn Patavino began on August 1, the occult holiday Lammas Day. The molestation was allegedly a part of a sex rite. However, she maintains that she was framed and that this was, in reality, a story the boy concocted to avoid repercussions from his alleged molestation of her nine-year-old daughter, whom she had let him babysit. Her side of the story is told here by one of her friends, who claims that the prosecution. It remains to be said, however, where these letters signed in blood had come from. Her defense team, nor the webpage authored by her friend, explain this. Patavino would later admit to writing the letters, maintaining that nothing in them was meant to be sexual. This leaves us with a glaring hole: why were they decorated with occult symbols and signed in blood? The truth remains somewhat elusive, and there exists no detailed information on it or the current status of Patavino on the Internet.

The report claims that the items found in Lanza's home included "materials regarding the topic of pedophilia and advocating for rights for pedophiles (not child pornography)." The pedophile underground appears to be under the control of satanic cults, as demonstrated by Dave McGowan in Programmed to Kill. It also appears to saturate the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, which lends support to the accounts of former priests who have claimed to have seen satanic rituals practiced at its highest levels.

In 1996, the Connecticut Skeptical Society moved to evaluate the credibility of rumours that satanic cults operated in Newtown by conducting a telephonic survey of one hundred residents. When asked if they had heard about local cult activity, no less than 45% responded in the affirmative. What is more, the Church of Satan had an office (or at least a post office box) there, and there was a Masonic lodge only a minute from Sandy Hook Elementary.

There were early reports that Lanza had belonged to a "gothic" clique in elementary school, had made a website dedicated to "devil worship," and had made a video shooting firearms with friends. The first two claims were made by people who knew him and the third was made by the strange chief medical examiner, who had behaved in an absolutely surreal manner during his infamous press conference. All of this contradicts the current official narrative, which portrays him as a loner, and suggests a possible connection to the satanic cults said to operate in the area. It would also explain the convenient destruction of Lanza's hard drive, an action he had no logical motivation to commit if he was on a suicide mission. This would have contained evidence relating to his communications before the event. Being that he reportedly had "no online footprint," the website was never found, and perhaps would have been if data on the hard drive had been recovered. 

All of this chillingly supports the dark thesis of Yoichi Shimatsu, a writer who published an article about the attack four days after it had occurred. In it, he wrote
Adam Lanza fits the profile of a pedophile-ring recruit ­young enough to approach children at the local schools and in the churches, possessing the computer skills to produce child-porn videos and typically passive-aggressive in personality. The Lanzas attended the Saint Rosa of Lima Church, where eight child parishioners were among the shooting victims. Santa Rosa is the very same order that sponsors the western-state hospital that employed Michael Jackson’s physician Dr. Conrad Murray. As in the case of Jackson’s Neverland, after a child-sex experiment blossoms, it must be shut down.
This church has, indeed, been connected with pedophilia. Two days after the attack, it received a threat from an unidentified figure who said they would finish what Lanza had started. Was the attack in reality a "cleanup operation" aimed at eliminating ritual abuse victims in order to protect the powerful local-area cults? Or was the church simply involved in providing a backstories for various "characters" of the official script? In any case, this church is likely a part of the community's satanic underground. 

It is therefore interesting that nine of the victims attended church here, while one of the victims, Emilie Parker, is shown making the sign of horns in one photograph, while an elderly man is doing it in the background of a photograph of Victoria Soto, the hero in the official script. In a now infamous press conference soon after the attack, Robbie Parker was taped laughing while the camera pans to him. He didn't realize he was being taped, and suddenly attempts to appear as if he is on the verge of tears. He had only just finished asking someone off-screen if he should "read the card." He is told "yeah, just read the card."

The local police, who flatly deny the existence of satanic cults, are also hostile and completely uncooperative toward anyone who attempts to find out more about the "off-duty tactical [SWAT] officer from another town," who was reportedly arrested in the woods behind the school soon after the attack. He was dressed very similar to Lanza, who was wearing a mask (completely worthless in a suicide mission) and thus could have easily been impersonated by this suspect if he had been killed once they entered the school. If one of the killers was a SWAT officer, it would explain the unbelievable accuracy exhibited by the fact that twenty-six had been killed and only two had been wounded. If Lanza was wearing a mask, then the survivors, who had never met him before, would have simply given descriptions of his clothing. As such, could this "off-duty SWAT officer" have killed Lanza before the beginning of the shooting and then masqueraded as him throughout the shooting. If this version is untrue, then it remains to be said why a police officer from another jurisdiction was fleeing into the woods from the school.

Of course, it is also possible that this was all simply a training exercise masquerading as a real event. In this case, we may view the SWAT officer as a participant in the drill who is assigned with the role of posing as an "active shooter," given that he is dressed almost precisely like the one in the official script. His arrest - and the other arrests that day - may have represented the completion of a shooting exercise involving multiple assailants, which would have been a lot more realistic given the script's death toll. In another mysterious incident that authorities have never even attempted to explain, four armed men with were arrested nearby in a purple maroon van. 

In either case, it should be noted that the area on the other side of the woods - where he appeared to be fleeing to - was the property of the National Guard. 

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