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The Darker Side of Mockingbird

Adam Lanza, alleged to have committed the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary, is the son of Peter Lanza, the former tax director for General Electric (GE) and now the head of the finance division of the GE Energy. General Electric is a major U.S. defense contractor and, from 1986 until around four months after Lanza's alleged rampage, the owner of NBC. It is also, according to Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. by Alex Constantine, involved in highly advanced mind control research. Constantine refers to it as a "fount" of electromagnetic radiation experiments relating to brainwashing, and cites the fact that many scientists employed by its British subsidiary Marconi were among those who mysteriously "committed suicide" during the involvement of their companies in the Strategic Defense Initiative, a massive weapons development program that was in reality a smokescreen for the refinement of electromagnetic weapons similar to those described by the alleged gunman at the Washington Navy Yard.

NBC had, until 1986, been owned by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), formed by Brigadier General David Sarnoff of the U.S. Signal Corps. He had helped set up Radio Free Europe for Allen Dulles, a lifelong intelligence asset who became director of the CIA after serving as a top officer in its precursor, the OSS. Radio Free Europe became an infamous CIA propaganda outlet. Sarnoff's first cousin, Eugene Lyons, was a U.S. intelligence asset important in propaganda operations against the Soviet Union.

In addition to being an enthusiastic supporter of the eugenics movement, Dulles represented a number of German firms, including I.G. Farben, the core of the Third Reich. He was also a director of J. Henry Schroder Bank in London, England, which had close ties to Hitler's inner circle, especially Heinrich Himmler. Schroder Bank would later be revealed as the prime financial supporter of Permindex, a shadowy Swiss corporation with extensive connections to U.S. intelligence services. Clay Shaw, a prominent civic leader in New Orleans and known CIA asset to whom we will soon be introduced, sat on its board. Dulles also represented many prominent U.S. firms that supported Hitler, such as the Chase Manhattan Bank and Standard Oil, both of which were owned by the Rockefellers. Brown Brothers Harriman and Union Banking Corporation were both owned by the Harriman brothers and represented by the Dulles brothers. Prescott Bush, an army intelligence veteran and father of George H.W Bush, served on the board of both banks. The Rockefellers, Harrimans and the Bushes were all deeply involved in the U.S. intelligence community, which appears to be at the core of the power structure, imposing the programming. All were deeply involved in the occult rituals at the Bohemian Grove.

Just as Dulles had been a lawyer for and good friend of the Rockefeller family, Sarnoff was also a member of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund's panel on foreign policy, and in this capacity he wrote an essay arguing for an escalated psychological warfare campaign against the Soviets. This was published in Life on June 6, 1960, that publication edited and owned by Henry Luce, a CIA and MI6 asset who belonged to an enormously influential satanic fraternity at Yale, the Skull & Bones Society (where his nickname was "Baal"). This open advocacy of an escalated campaign of psychological warfare by U.S. intelligence assets operating positions at the very core of the media establishment is deeply problematic. As we will see, the most effective psychological operations are the trauma-based "shock events" like the attack on Sandy Hook and the Kennedy assassination. The current operating plan is to continually create terrorism, tragedy and bogeymen, projecting them both at home and abroad. This strategy of mass mind control (through trauma) was authored at the Tavistock Institute in London, created by the British military intelligence services.

Luce operated out of the Rockefeller Center, saturated with occult imagery and formerly the headquarters of the MI6 and the Coordinator of Information (COI), the short-lived precursor to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Both he and his wife (another U.S.-U.K. intelligence asset) were, like the Buckley brothers and the COI-OSS director (who helped create the CIA), members of the Knights of Malta, an important intelligence arm of the Roman Catholic Church and one of the most powerful secret societies in the world. One can readily observe the intimate involvement of esoteric secret societies, some of them satanic and others deeply religious, at every level of the intelligence community. Some will suggest that these groups are interesting to intelligence assets because their exclusive and largely unregulated nature creates a perfect environment for the development of a hidden network of "back-channels." However, with untold numbers of widely varying front organizations around the world, it is doubtful that the CIA or any other intelligence service has any real need to utilize fraternities like this. The truth is likely that the intelligence services themselves are the enforcement armies through which occult secret societies operate.

The head of the prominent conservative magazine, National Review, was former CIA agent William Buckley (of the Buckley brothers). He ensured that the fake photograph of Lee Oswald holding a rifle in his backyard was published on the front of his magazine in order to incriminate him in the Kennedy assassination. Like Luce, Buckley belonged to the Skull & Bones Society, as did George and Prescott Bush. Working alongside his fraternity brother in the cover-up, Luce arranged for his vice president, Charles Douglas Jackson, a CIA asset, to purchase the infamous film of the assassination from Abraham Zapruder, an active Freemason who belonged to two CIA front organizations, for $150,000. Time-Life kept it locked away for 11 years and allowed the FBI to release the frames in a reversed sequence that gave the false impression that the president was thrown violently forward. Jackson, who had served in the OSS, was a psychological warfare expert. Not long after helping Luce take control of the video evidence in the case, Jackson died of a "heart attack."

Intriguingly, Zapruder worked alongside Jeanne LeGon, the wife of George DeMohrenschildt at a clothing store in Dallas. DeMohrenschildt, of course, was Oswald's closest friend in Dallas. He took the Oswalds to parties, helped them move and likely helped Oswald obtain a position at Jaggers-Chiles-Stovall, a firm doing classified work for the U.S. Army.  He and his brother, Dimitri, were CIA assets with connections to no less than fifty CIA employees and consultants, including the director, Allen Dulles, who had, according to a former agent of the covert operations division of the CIA referenced by former prosecutor John Loftus, recruited their father from the Abwehr (Nazi Army Intelligence). There was indeed evidence that DeMohrenschildt had worked for Nazi Intelligence, and his uncle possessed a large quantity of pro-Nazi films. He worked for Film Facts, which produced many fascist propaganda movies and which was owned by Baron Maydell, a Nazi sympathizer and reputed Abwehr agent. During the congressional investigation into the assassination, DeMohrenschildt reported being constantly followed. Shortly after being contacted by congressional investigators, he was shot to death with a shotgun. Despite the fact that his burglary alarm went off shortly before this occurred, it was ruled a suicide. The names in his address book included George H.W Bush, as well as his then-unknown nickname "Poppy," and R. Gordon Wasson. Both men had been career CIA assets, with the latter being credited with initiating the spread of psychedelic mushrooms into America. This made him a key figure in the rise of the counterculture and, perhaps, a dark actor in a deeply occult programming resembling some kind of 'mass initiation' being engineered by the intelligence services. After all, were these not the same mushrooms that had been used for centuries by ancient religions in order to obtain contact with higher spiritual realms, and indeed, for initiatory rites?

As it turns out, Wasson was a longtime operative of Henry Luce, while DeMohrenschildt himself had once been employed by the oil company run by the Buckley brothers' father. Clay Shaw, the aforementioned shadowy civic leader in New Orleans who Garrison ultimately attempted to convict as a conspirator in the assassination, was a neighbour of Ross Buckley (of the Buckley brothers). William F. Buckley owned the radio station in Omaha, largely staffed by members of the U.S. Air Force, that provided employment for Thomas Beckham, a man with close ties to Garrison's suspects and to U.S. military-intelligence services (including the CIA) who was hiding there after fleeing a subpoena resulting from the Garrison investigation. It's a small world.

RCA was heavily involved in setting up the surveillance networks of the NSA, and was headed by Sarnoff until 1965, when he passed the reigns to his son, Robert Sarnoff, a retired Navy officer who had served in the broadcasting section of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA. Robert was simultaneously head of NBC from 1956 until 1975, when he was ousted from RCA by its corporate leadership. A decade later, it was absorbed by General Electric.

During the time period that Robert was in control of NBC, it aired a scathing attack on the District Attorney of New Orleans, who was investigating the assassination of John F. Kennedy and had identified the CIA as the prime suspect. Figures such as David Ferrie, Guy Banister, Clay Shaw, Carlos Bringuier, Carlos Quiroga, Sergio Arcacha Smith, Emilio Santana and Kerry Thornley were all implicated in the assassination. Many (Shaw, Banister, Ferrie, and some of their associates) turned up dead, as did the witnesses against them (others the targets of failed hits), while others (Santana) disappeared and others (Smith, Bringuier, Quiroga, Thornley) were protected by the highest levels of the establishment.

The NBC hit piece was produced by Walter Sheridan, a CIA asset who had formerly been an FBI agent and a counterintelligence director at the NSA. He also served with the Justice Department and, before all of that, the Office of Naval Intelligence. Sheridan intimidated, bribed and manipulated witnesses. He was in constant contact with the CIA during the production of his documentary. A closer examination of the man revealed that he was only a single degree of separation from the conspiracy itself. One of his close friends, Carmine Bellino, was a former FBI agent who had once worked with Guy Banister and who had lived with Robert Maheu at a time when he was being cleared for the CIA project involving the recruitment of Mafia hitmen to kill Fidel Castro. Sheridan had recruited Bellino onto the team assembled in the Justice Department that was assigned to amass evidence against Jimmy Hoffa (or at least pretend to). Hoffa, of course, was another suspect in the assassination who disappeared during the congressional investigation and was never found. He would not be the only one.

Banister, who died of a sudden heart attack (or, according to other credible reports, a shooting) shortly before the release of the Warren Report, was implicated by Garrison as one of Oswald's handlers. One of Banister's investigators, Hugh Ward, died in a mysterious airplane crash the same week, and another, Maurice Gatlin, would fall to his death from a motel only months later. Ward was a capable pilot, but the engines mysteriously stopped in mid-air. Another investigator, David Ferrie, who was a close friend of Shaw (whom Banister was also associated with) and a mentor to Oswald since his teenage years, died of a brain aneurysm shortly before the trial of Clay Shaw. Ferrie had been one of the prime targets of Garrison's investigation, and had reportedly began to cooperate with them at the time he died. The initial impression of the coroner was that he had been poisoned, and the assistant coroner later reported that he had seen autopsy pictures in which there is evidence of "contusions" that suggest his mouth had been forced open. Ferrie's doctor called the autopsy given to his late patient "slipshod," and Jack Martin, a mysterious CIA asset who worked alongside Ferrie at Banister's office, said that the coroner Nicholas Chetta gave out natural causes verdicts "like a prostitute." Chetta would later die himself, with no autopsy conducted, and his brother-in-law, who had worked for him, was murdered soon afterward. After the close of the investigation, Shaw died of lung cancer. However, his body was reportedly witnessed carried into his home by unknown parties before it was "discovered" there. It was hurriedly buried without an autopsy, and calls to exhume it so that one could be conducted were violently attacked by the press.

These represented only a small section of the mysterious deaths surrounding the assassination, which had all the appearances of an occult ritual in which the killing of the president was only a mechanism for the traumatic assault on the conspirators' true target: the masses.

Long after helping to cover up the involvement of the intelligence services in the assassination of the president, NBC finally came under new ownership. It was purchased from General Electric by Comcast on the eve of the Vernal Equinox (a major occult holiday) in 2013, only four months after the attack on Sandy Hook. The president and CEO of Comcast, Neil Smit, retired from the U.S. Navy SEALS (the naval muscle of the CIA) as a lieutenant commander. It should therefore be no surprise that Comcast is being supplied data mining technology from CallMiner, a CIA front.

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