Monday, September 23, 2013

Psyops at Westgate Mall

The public wasn't even allowed a week to digest what transpired at the Washington Navy Yard before another choreographed mass death rite was organized in Nairobi, Kenya. On the eve of the autumnal equinox, a major occult holiday, these ostensibly Islamic radicals attacked their targets using Masonic codes. Maybe Obama knew what he was talking about when he said that these mass shootings were becoming "a ritual we go through every 3-4 months."

The major attack was launched against the Westgate shopping mall in the Westlands neighborhood of Nairobi. It so happens that this place is only 13 minutes from the headquarters of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). USAID is a fairly well-known CIA front. Mossad and MI6 are also active in Kenya. The mall was owned by Israelis, a fact which allegedly marked it as a target. Israeli security forces participated in the siege.

The attack was allegedly led by Samantha Lewthwaite, the widow of Germaine Lindsay, one of the four men framed in the 7/7 bombings. The daughter of a soldier in the British Army, she met Lindsay when she was studying at the School of Oriental and African Studies, a training ground for MI5 and MI6. These "terrorists" often turn into intelligence assets when given a quick "background check," as Carlyle's former subsidiary is now so renowned for. 

I thought that some ritual sacrifice of some manner, real or simply another occult charade, would occur on or around Friday the Thirteenth. Three days afterward, exactly thirteen people are allegedly killed at the Washington Navy Yard, the headquarters of the Navy and the "ceremonial gateway" of the capitol. Again, assuming that anything happened at all, the suspect's innocence was completely obvious to anyone who paid attention to the fashion in which the story progressed. When I realized that the autumnal equinox was only days away, I hoped there would not be more of the same. However, the attack on Westgate Mall began on the eve of the equinox and lasted through its entirety. 

So what exactly is going on here? It looks like the elite are trying to create a pretext for action against Somalia and a larger part of escalating the war of terrorism in Africa. This was what Benghazi was about. The major corporations through which this web of secret clubs amasses endless fortunes and exercises its political influence have billions of dollars in investments here, and they intend to 'protect' them. As Timothy Alexander Guzman said:

“AFRICOM’s true purpose is to seek and destroy African nations and install puppet regimes that are obedient to Washington. How do they achieve such an outcome? Create the crises and offer the remedy. AFRICOM will be the answer.”


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