Thursday, September 26, 2013

Alleged Video of Navy Yard Shooter's Entry is Staged: The Little Bag that Couldn't

For what seems like the first time in mass shooting history since the attack on Columbine High School, the government has released a small amount of video evidence seemingly in an effort to disprove "conspiracy theories" while not really disproving them. On a deeper level, it is made so obvious that the video is as strange as the shooting itself that those inclined to have suspicions about either will immediately see it for what it is and at the same time be demoralized when the masses are unable or unwilling see what is there.

Scott Creighton has identified oddities in this video. Take a look at the image taken from the video at the top of this post. Why is he standing there and looking at the gun at the very moment he is clearly visible to the camera? Why does he turn around to raise the gun up to the camera and allow it to capture his face?

Even more importantly, it is, as Creighton demonstrates with the above picture, impossible for that shotgun to have been carried in the bag we saw him come in with. He writes:

We are told that Aaron cut off the barrel and the stock of the Remington 870 so he could put it in the bag and carry it into the building undetected (no metal detector and x-ray machine in that building?) yet, if you watch the video of Aaron entering the building, you notice there is no way that shotgun is inside that bag. The bag on his shoulder is shorter than his forearm and that gun certainly isn’t.

This is concrete evidence that the video of the attack released by the FBI is staged. Could it be that this is footage of Alexis arriving for work on another day? Because the footage certainly doesn't show him with the shotgun or anything that could hold it.

As Creighton suggests, it is most likely footage from an active shooter drill. Look at the contrived demeanor of the man in the video. He is acting. This base was known to have semi-annual evacuation drills and in fact one had occurred only a few days before. It had also held an active shooter drill between February and March as part of a nationwide Navy exercise called Citadel Shield. Could this be footage from that or another exercise? Is that identification card around his neck the Navy identification he used to gain entry? If it is, why is there another clearly visible piece of identification attached to his waist? Such plainly visible I.D. is given to participants in training exercises so that they can identify other drill actors and the roles that they are playing.

The video deliberately shows as little as possible. We are told that we are seeing him drive into the Navy Yard. Despite the fact that a facility like this would certainly have video footage showing him parking and departing his car, that was not in this video compilation. Could this simply be stock footage of someone driving into the parking lot with a blue Toyota? If he had the shotgun or a bag large enough to contain it upon exiting, it would help to support this part of the official timeline of this video sequence, which is already entirely discredited by the video of Alexis' arrival without the shotgun. Inexplicably, none of the footage is time-stamped.

The security video was staged to provide legitimacy to an official narrative that has morphed repeatedly and drastically. This event was the latest phase in a psychological warfare campaign conducted by the national security state at least since November 22, 1963. Whether any of it is real or not, the aim is to effect the societal psyche. These events are designed to inflict fear into the population; they promote fear of the "lone nut," fear of difference. This induced phobia will be answered by the expansion of the surveillance state, further militarisation of law enforcement and less civil liberties, all in the name of providing security against an invisible demon embodied by the individual itself.

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